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Our motorcycle track events offer a wide variety to appeal to different rider interests but they all share our simple philosophy that becoming a better, safer rider demands controlled conditions, capable help, and a well run program. There is no safer place or better learning environment than a racetrack, and no program more demanded than ours.

We have more than 17 years experience running hundreds of events for thousands of riders. We've learned what you want and enjoy. That's why Keigwins@theTrack events are California's most popular. Hosting 50+ events per season, we'll have plenty of great events and venues for you to choose.

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Latest News!

Win a 2018 Yamaha R6!
Posted Feb-01-2018  - Sign up for any 2018 track day with us and you will automatically be entered into the raffle to win a 2018 Yamaha R6 fresh from Roseville Motorsports!  Every day that you sign up, is another chance to win!
Pro J's has opened their new shop!
Posted Jan-13-2018  - Jose with Pro J's Cycles has now opened his new shop in Richmond.  If there is anything that you need for your bike before the season starts, make sure you swing by and see Jose.  He has everything that you would find at one of our trackdays, so you can get everything you need before the season starts.  Don't forget that off season maintenance!  Give him a call at 510-215-5460, or swing by and see him at 201 24th St in Richmond!
Posted Jan-15-2017  - Now you only need to give us 48 hours if you need to cancel an event.  Outside two weeks you can get a full refund, but inside of two weeks and within 48 hours of the event, you can cancel and we will give you full credit to use in the future.  Now there is no worry about signing up early!
Posted Jan-15-2017  - Ken Hill will be joining us again this year to come to our track days, and offer free seminars to help you become faster and safer riders!  

We have combined both our schools into Novice/Intermediate schools.  We have two Novice/Intermediate schools this year, and we think they will fill up quick.  Sign up early to secure yourself a spot!
Posted Jun-21-2014  - Yes, it's still possible for you to attend a track day with us if you are visiting and your motorcycle is miles away or out for repair. Check out for Kawasaki bike rentals.

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