Tracks & Lodging

Buttonwillow Raceway

Track Layout:
Location: 30 minutes north of Bakersfield, about 225 miles south of San Jose. 661-764-5333
Lodging: Recommendations:
  • Red Roof Inn
    20645 Tracy Avenue, Buttonwillow. 661-764-5121. Just off highway 58, 10 miles south of the racetrack.

    Note: there are many motels to choose from at this intersection of I-5 and highway 58. There's a very good BBQ restaurant within walking distance: Willow Ranch, 27770 Lagoon Dr., Buttonwillow. 661-764-6605. Warning: all the motels nearby are right off the highway and the traffic can be noisy at night.

Directions: From I-5, exit at Lerdo Highway (approximately 10 miles south of hwy 46/Lost Hills, or 10 miles north of hwy 58 Buttonwillow exit). Go west onto Lerdo Highway. Track entrance is on the left side of the road directly across from the John Deere dealership.

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