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Our grid managers ensure riders start their sessions on time and are staggered to prevent a "wagon train" on lap #1.

Keigwins@theTrack, established in 1998 and incorporated in 2001, has been running motorcycle racetrack events for more than 17 years, and has hosted hundreds of track days and schools for tens of thousands of riders and racers.

The company was originally started by Lance and Linda Keigwin, of Los Altos Hills, California. In 2015, the company was purchased by Szymon Dziadzia and is now run by Szymon and long-time K@TT instructor Jesse Carter (VP, Operations) and his wife Leah Carter (CFO and Events Coordinator). K@TT puts on a wide variety of highly praised schools and track days. Events are run at popular California racetracks (Laguna Seca, Sonoma -- nee Sears Point, Thunderhill, and Buttonwillow).

Our schools are run at Thunderhill Raceway in Willows, California, a favorite track of thousands of west coast riders and racers, and the world famous Laguna Seca in Moneterey, California. K@TT schools are focused on a specific rider level: novices only, intermediates only, racers only, and those needing AFM-certification to race with the American Federation of Motorcycles. (K@TT is approved to conduct these New Racer Schools and issue AFM certification.)

Why are Keigwins@theTrack events so popular?

We've been doing this a long time - K@TT has been running motorcycle racetrack events since 1998. We've come to learn what makes events successful, what riders enjoy most, and how to run them efficiently.

Our events are extremely well managed - Our goal has always been to bring plenty safe, well-structured track time to customers. We keep to schedule, run the morning registration, technical inspection, riders' meeting and introductory "sighting laps" efficiently, and get riders onto the track on time (9AM). Any spills are dealt with promptly and capably so riders aren't inconvenienced waiting for the track to reopen. The lunch break is scheduled for a specific time and if it is catered, it is served then. The track reopens on time. Perhaps most importantly, we keep riders informed. There is never any question about the schedule or which group is riding. Or even how much riding time is left!

Riders new to the track are encouraged to attend our novice schools and not jump into an event attended by our many experienced riders.

We have a large, permanent staff of experienced capable instructors - We don't hire "instructors of the day" who reluctantly accept having to help or teach in order to ride free. Our large staff of full-time instructors is there to help riders, to monitor safety and enforce our sensible rules, and make sure our events are run flawlessly.

You will see many of the same experienced instructors and friendly faces from trackday to school, at all our events.

We have a high caliber of safe, experienced riders - This has been our hallmark since day one. You! Our track customers have a reputation for excellent skills and courteous riding. They know we discourage "squidly" riding and adhere to our passing rules (which are liberal but demand courtesy). Show-off, dangerous wheelies are not allowed. Burnouts, doughnuts, or high speed riding in the paddock is also forbidden. Any violations of these rules (and they are rare) are dealt with promptly. And we never sign up more riders than is safe Congestion is never an issue.

We spend more to get the best dates - Racetrack rental rates are all over the map. Weekends and good weather months cost more. We're willing to pay more to get the dates riders want and at the tracks they demand.

Our rates are very competitive - We keep our rates low and sign up fewer riders. So how do we earn money? With smaller margins on many events. We host more track days and schools than any other school or racetrack organizer in the West.

We have a very liberal refund policy - Give us two or more weeks notice and you always get a full refund. No administrative fees, no "punishment" for canceling. Finding a replacement rider is our problem, not yours. If you cancel inside two weeks your money is at risk, but we always try hard to help you find a replacement. Often we have a waiting list of riders ready to buy your spot. If either you or we find a replacement inside the two weeks you get a full refund. Want to move your money around easily? No problem. Write or call and we'll arrange it cheerfully.

Our format assures plenty of track time for everyone - Keeping the track "hot" (available to riders) is our biggest priority. Downtime can happen in emergency situations. But 95% of the time we can deal with a rider who ran out of gas, had a mechanical problem, or ran off the track without shutting down the track. We retrieve stalled or broken bikes when the track is closed at the end of the day or during a lunch break (or if the track is shut down for another reason). That means more riding time for everyone.

K@TT instructors working with studenst during the programmed, 45-minute one-on-one sessions during our school.

We focus our events to rider skill - New riders don't belong at open track events. They belong in schools among other newer riders. Keigwins@theTrack has been running novice-only schools for a number of years just for this reason. Experienced riders and racers can enjoy our regular track events without concern over inexperienced riders on the track at the same time. Starting in 2003 we added intermediate-only schools for riders with track experience who want professional help to take the next step forward.

We don't have silly, nonsensical rules - "You need to tape your headlights and directionals." "You must cover up your speedometer." "Your oil filter must be safety wired." "You may not pass on the inside even if the slow rider makes it impossible to go outside." We consider these nuisance rules. In extreme cases such rules can actually work against safety (encouraging frustration and risk taking, e.g.). Every racetrack event must have standards and rules of behavior. But they should be sensible and in the name of safety and fun, not arbitrary, annoying, and unnecessarily restricting.

Sign-up is easy and we're readily available - We believe that a good indication of how well an event will be run, and the earliest indication you can use to judge organization, is how well the enrollment process was handled. Was the sign-up simple and straightforward? Was your preferred form of payment accepted? Did you get confirmation of your payment? Did the website fully address issues? If you had questions was your email or phone call promptly returned and were your questions answered thoroughly? If you had to cancel was your refund processed quickly? In short, did you feel you were dealing with a well organized, customer-friendly, legitimate business operation?

We have posted a lot of feedback on our website (click here to read some). We also love to point out that:

  • nearly 90% of the riders at our track events are repeat customers
  • of the hundreds of events we've conducted, the great majority sold out
  • in '07 more than 180 riders attended 10 or more events with us
  • on a 1-to-10 scale our students rated us an average of 9.4 in all surveyed categories

If you feel there is anything more we can do to help you decide whether you should try the racetrack or a school and what to expect, please feel free to call or write. We are always glad to talk to riders and are happy to give you all the detail you desire. We promise to try our best to make sure your racetrack experience is a truly fun and educational one.

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