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Special Services

We have a wide variety of services available at our track events. These are provided by independent vendors. The services, prices, payment terms, etc. are set by the vendor. Keigwins@theTrack has no business relationship with these service providers. We promote them, however, because they provide excellent products and services!

Tires Services

Race Tire Service is the National Distributor for Dunlop Motorcycle Road Race Tires and Flat Track Tires for the USA.

Since 1994 RTS has supplied race tires to factory teams, privateers, regional racers and track day riders.

Over the last 20 years, RTS has provided more trackside support to AMA, WERA, CCS, CMRA, MRA, CRA, SMRI, ASMA, USBA, CVMA, MWGP, WSMC, OMRRA, WMRRA and AFM races than any other trackside provider, regardless of brand.

We stand ready to service YOU the racer or track day rider.

Contact: Jason Paden - cell 775-813-5375


High-Resolution Digital Still Photographs

GotBlueMilk does our racetrack photography. Owned and run by Dito Milian, GotBlueMilk is there to capture the day's excitement in high quality, high resolution digital stills. They offer pictures on CD's as well as prints as large as 12x18. All of this is available the SAME DAY. No more waiting for your pictures! They use the latest Canon equipment which means the BEST quality for you. At your next Keigwins@theTrack event, visit GotBlueMilk's trailer before you go on track to maximize the quantity of photos you'll receive.

Custom Suspension Adjustment/Tuning

Dave Moss Tuning ( is owned and operated by Dave Moss, who brings with him vast experience from almost 20 years of chassis and suspension tuning worldwide. He reaches over 3 million people a year through his website and Facebook fan page "davemosstuning" where he posts almost daily with educational information and questions to ponder/answer. Dave also has a significant number of videos available at his YouTube channels: catalystreactionsbw and sportbikewrench and all the content is FREE!!!!

For 2013 Dave has a revised offering on track side services. Suspension support will be from 7am to the riders meeting and then 9am to lunch time. Cost per bike is $40 per bike and you are required to come back after every session. Fork oil services and repairs can be booked in advance and done at the track in the evenings.

From 1pm onwards Dave will be on track coaching and is available for the following rates: $350 for a half day OR if there is no afternoon booking, you can select time slots at $100 per hour.For more information go here!

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