About Our Events

General Information

Track events are held at:


These events provide a safe and fun environment for riders to enjoy the performance of their modern sport motorcycles at a modest cost.  Track experience is no longer a requirement. However, riders new to the track must be proficient with operating a motorcycle and must have street riding experience and a mature attitude.

At the track we ride as fast as we want with the fewest sensible rules, but safety always comes first. Hooligan, aggressive riding is not tolerated


Number of groups:

Two (A advanced, B intermediate):

  • divided by skills/speed

  • everyone selects which group he/she rides in

  • sessions are run every 30 minutes (alternating groups)

Pros: lots of riding time; long sessions don't compel riders to start immediately and allow for breaks
Cons: less delineation of skills (e.g., B- riders are mixed in with B+ riders)

Three (A advanced, B+ fast intermediate, B- slower intermediate):

  • divided by skills/speed

  • everyone selects which group he/she rides in

  • sessions are run every 20 minutes (alternating groups)

Pros: less expensive fee; a bigger pool for B riders, a B- group for slow but steady intermediate riders, and better delineation of skills in each group..
Cons: 20 minutes is plenty but riders need to be ready!  Grid managers stagger the release of riders so there's no wagon-train (sessions are shorter so most riders feel compelled to start together and ride the whole time).

Flexible riding during group days:

We are more than happy to allow riders to spend a little time in groups other than their own.  It's fun to ride with friends or help a buddy!  There are a few rules:

  • "A" group riders who ride with "B" groups must respect that the "B" group owns the track.
    Speeds must be tempered and passing must be extra friendly.

  • "B" group riders who ride with "A" groups must be able to keep pace.

  • "A" group riders are not allowed to ride in the B- group (out of respect for the newer, B- riders).

  • We may forbid crossing-over if the session is deemed full.  This is more
    likely during the popular sessions first thing in the morning and first thing after lunch.
    Permission to cross-over is granted by Lance or Linda Keigwin and it is never guaranteed.


We ride rain or shine.  Rental contracts always say weather is not an acceptable reason for cancellation (i.e., no refunds or rescheduling).

Keep in mind that car clubs run regardless of the weather.  And we certainly don't want to tracks giving preference to cars over bikes, which would affect the number and quality of our reserved dates. But try to see the bright side: a wet track encourages much better riding and forces us to think about being smooth and act accordingly. An interesting statistic is that we get fewer spills on a wet day than in the dry. Really!

When to arrive & What the day looks like

7:00AM - 7:30AM - Arrive at the track.

Gates open at 7:00AM. Sign the racetrack waiver at the front office. Find a spot in the paddock, park, unload and set up.

7:30AM - 8:15AM - Registration.

This is where the important waivers must be signed. Signing these liability releases is required if you want to ride on the track.

7:30AM - 8:15AM - Tech Inspection.

After registering you must bring your bike to the Tech Inspection area. Registration & Tech Inspection ends at 8:15!  If you miss it you will not ride on time. At a minimum, you will miss the sighting laps (see below). Your registration and inspection, and therefore your riding, will be delayed until we can deal with you.

8:15AM - 8:45AM - Riders Meeting.

This starts promptly. All riders must attend. During the riders meeting we will review the day's agenda, track rules (such as passing, entering and exiting, etc.), behavior in the pits (slow speeds, no "squidly" stuff), corner worker flags, special services offered, and so forth. It is at the riders' meeting where you'll find out what you can do to get thrown out of the place and to make it difficult for us to return for future track days. Pay attention please.  If you miss the riders meeting you will not be allowed to ride until you pass a written test (really).

9:00AM - 9:20AM - Sighting Laps.

Riders assemble on pit lane in groups for slow, follow-the-leader "sighting laps". Sighting laps are not required for experienced riders familiar with  the track, but are required for riders new to the track. This is your chance to get familiar with the track, understand how to get onto and off it  properly, scrub in tires, search for reference points, and shake off the jitters. This is also a good time to watch the lines ridden by the leader. Usually three laps are done.

9:20AM - 1:00PM - Hot track!

1:00PM - 2:00PM - Lunch.

Track is closed. We make sure food service is available so you can purchase meals on-site .

2:00PM - 5:00PM (4:30 at Laguna) - Hot track!

Things to Bring Along

Foods: Liquids (something with electrolytes, like Gatorade, is better than water), snack foods (candy bars, hard boiled eggs, etc.).

Clothing: Hat, sweatshirt, comfortable garb during lunch (shorts, T-shirt, sandals), bathing suit (pool/hot tub at lodging?).

Miscellaneous: Sunscreen, chap stick, sunglasses, camera, canopy and chairs, gas, travel maps, aspirin/ibuprofen, driver's license, cash, credit card, pen.

Tools: Duct tape, compressed air, bike stands, wrenches and other tools, tire gauge, tape measure.

Don't forget your riding gear. Also, you wouldn't be the first guy to arrive at the track with a bike in tow but no ignition key!

Sound Monitoring

Laguna Seca, Thunderhill and Sonoma have noise restrictions.

Laguna (90 & 92dB): Click here to read complete details regarding bike sound.

Sonoma and Thunderhill (103dB): Tolerance for noise should not be a problem unless your exhaust system is defective. Bikes don't need numbers.

Skill levels

                                                                    Lap time guidelines

  Thunderhill Buttonwillow
(CW, config #13)
(AMA config)
Laguna Miller
(4.5 miles)
A group under 2:15 under 2:11 under 2:02 under 1:50 A Group under 3: 35
B+ group 2:10 - 2:25 2:08 - 2:20 2:00 - 2:13 1:48 - 2:00 B Group Over 3:45
B- group 2:25 - 2:45 2:20 - 2:45 2:13 - 2:35 2:00 - 2:30 TBD


Novice schools are for experienced street riders and moderately experienced track riders (B- and B+) looking for significant personal instruction in a school format. They are focused on fundamental skills -- cornering, lines, body position, use of reference points, etc. No track experience is required. Read more about our schools here.

Intermediate schools are for non-novice, A and B+ group riders. Students will be placed in one of two groups (faster intermediate or slower intermediate). The curriculum is advanced and the focus is on becoming a faster, safer, more capable rider.

Racing schools are for club racers, those about to become racers, or non-racers wanting to learn competitive racetrack skills. A large staff of AFM experts and K@TT instructors teach. The focus is on racing skills and technique. Only two groups are run: A and B+


New Racers School (NRS) are conducted by Keigwins for the American Federation of Motorcyclists, the nation's oldest motorcycle racing club. These NRS schools are optional features offered at several track day events throughout the year.  They will prepare and certify riders for racing in the AFM club.  Attendees will get a complete track day and must attend classroom lessons during non-riding periods. Read more about the NRS program.


Rewards and Bonus Plans

  • Your eighth event is free! After attending seven paid events select a free one! All must be within the same calendar year. Worried the one you want will be sold out? Then pay for an 8th one now and we will refund your payment after you've completed seven. (Excludes trackday Ticket packs (TDTP), VIP tickets, raffle winnings, and partial days; may not be used for Laguna-Seca due to their restrictions).  

  • Track day ticket packs! A limited number of bulk packages of 5, 10 or 20 track day tickets are available at a substantial savings. Click here to read more about this.

  • VIP pass!  Only a handful of these ultra-exclusive, super flexible passes will be sold. Each pass entitles the owner to a guaranteed spot at any and every Keigwins track day or school.  No sign up is required for trackdays, waiting lists are never in the way, and tickets are transferable. To buy a VIP pass you must contact us by phone.

  • Group Rates: For every seven (7) regularly paid group spots the 8th is free (not applicable for Laguna-Seca). Contact us to set it up for your group!