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Our motorcycle track events offer a wide variety to appeal to different rider interests but they all share our simple philosophy that becoming a better, safer rider demands controlled conditions, capable help, and a well run program. There is no safer place or better learning environment than a racetrack, and no program more demanded than ours.

We have more than 17 years experience running hundreds of events for thousands of riders. We've learned what you want and enjoy. That's why Keigwins@theTrack events are California's most popular. Hosting 50+ events per season, we'll have plenty of great events and venues for you to choose.

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  • We have been hosting schools and track days since 1998. We've learned what you like and want from your day at the track. Come check us out and discover the difference!
Posted Jun-30-2016  -

We have heard the voice of the people.  And most have wanted lower prices, who doesn't?  So we went through the rest of the calendar and lowered the prices on most of our events.  If you sign up early with the Early Bird sign up, you can get huge savings!

We are also doing another promotion on our July 11th and 12th dates.  We are doing a buddy ride for free day.  So if you pay normal price for one of our events, you can bring a buddy to ride along for free!  Just shoot us an email after you sign up to let us know who you are bringing, their group preference, and their contact info.  Send the email to and we'll do the rest!

See You@theTrack!


Posted Dec-14-2015  -

Female Rider Discount!
To help bring more women into the sport, we are adding a female rider discount for 2016!

Use the discount code  GALS 2016 for a 15% discount!

Acitve Duty Military Discount!
Our way of saying thanks to the troops for keeping us safe!

Use the discount code  SERVICE-K-2016  for a 15% discount!

Please make sure you have your "Active Duty" military ID with you at registration!

Canadian Discount!
To help out with the exchange rate, and the long travel!

Use the discount code THAWOUT for a 15% discount!

All discounts must be used when you sign up for the day.  Discounts may not be used with other discounts such as early bird sign up or ticket packs!

Posted Jun-14-2015  -

Ken Hill will be teaching 3 class's a day, on a wide variety of topics.  So every Ken Hill day that you attend, you will have a chance to attend new classes.  We want to make sure we have the safest, most well trained riders possible!

And we are doing all of this at no extra charge to you!  We just want to bring you more services for your buck!  

You will see a little Ken Hill coaching icon on our calendar to let you know which days he will be there.  Come on out and get your Ken Hill on! 

 - Project Serenity attends most of our events. Correne Cook, CMT will help you feel and ride better by working those tight and cramping muscles. See her early since her daily schedule fills fast!

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